Foyle Punt was an immersive, site specific theatre piece, which travelled around the north west coast of Ireland in summer 2018. It told the story of the McDonald brothers, the sixth generation in their family of master boatbuilders. Through this story we are asked to think about the burden of a family trade, dangerous journey in boats, uninvited change, safe harbours, gender.

I used boat building tools to prepare a meal for crew, cast and audience each evening. This process was performative, sometimes absurd, in particular adjacent to the charming McDonald narrative.

Presented byThe Local Group

Created by Caitríona McLaughlin, Róise Goan, Philip McDonald, Lian Bell, Jennie Moran, Little John Nee and Farah El Neihum

Director: Caitríona McLaughlin

Producer/Dramaturg: Róise Goan

Designer: Lian Bell

Composer: Little John Nee

Food and Hospitality Design: Jennie Moran

Boat: Philip and Brian McDonald

Performed by: Philip McDonald, Farah El Neihum, Jennie Moran and Little John Nee

Communications: Tom Lawlor and Studio Aad

Production Manager: Lisa Mahony

Stage Manager:  Evie McGuinness

Associate Producer: Emma Hannon Funded by the Artscouncil 

Review https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/stage/the-legacies-of-the-donegal-boatbuilders-find-a-new-port-1.3566764

Photographs by Gillian Simpson, Darran Murphy, Willie White