The most important part of Luncheonette is the people working there. Without them it is
nothing but a deluded set of stagnant notions in a big fat vacuum. They are everything.

Jennie Moran 

Kateann Sexton

Alex  Keogh

Ellen Holmes Kelly

Kate Murtagh

Lucy Bowen

Matt Finnegan

Saoirse Wall 

Aoibhinn O Dea

Elysia Tuohy

Fiona Whelan

Juan Motta

Enzo Neves

Leticia Assunção

Rachit Shah

Lúí O Brien

Sulan O Muirgheasa

Louis Haugh

Finn Melvin Caird 

Siobhan Byrne

Toni Moltgen

Eoin Farrell

Wagner dos Santos

Shane Keeling

Moira Brady Averill

Rian Enschlager

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